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What the Future of Africa Looks Like

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

A moment of Reflection on the amazing resources of Africa and its future.

Featured: Angela Kwashie
Photo Credit: Esi Atiase, Biennale 2018 Featured: Angela Kwashie

Let me start by giving a Full Disclosure: I am not a psychic or an Expert Analyst, but I believe in my own people.

The Future of Africa is the Present.

I want to start by Thanking Baba God for the magical Africa I am proud to always claim. The little girl in me has engraved it in her heart and mind, thanks to my parents.

Growing up abroad being called "African Booty scratcher", I had to be reminded constantly the African Giant that lives in me.

While I am at it, Alexa play Collateral Damage by Burna Boy (African Giant Album)

.....I digress. Let us continue to build the future of Africa.

Let's buy and support our local Africans!

Issa Rae mood 24/7: "I'm Rooting for Everyone black".

This is a boost for our Local Economy and the fight to decrease Unemployment. No dependency and freedom to show the many facets of Africa in its essence. We control the narrative and ensure no appropriation along the way (If you know what I mean).

I can state so many creatives and entrepreneurs of our generation as examples.

15 Favorite Creatives

  1. Sanaa Faces of the Visionary Esi Atiase

  2. Architect and Creative Genius & Co-founder of LIVES Mamy Tall

  3. Sassychic Boutique Dakar of the lovely and fierce Sassoum

  4. NioFar by the Talented Milcos

  5. Skin by Ami Cole of Beauty Expert Diarrha N'Diaye

  6. Model Seynabou Cisse redefining what beauty looks like through so magazine spreads and runways

  7. The Amazing Model Windela: Taking Unapologetic steps to break standards in the Model World on Body Standards and Creativity

  8. Gadaay, visual artist spreading awareness of visual literacy through his visual works

  9. The Coffee Entrepreneur Baidy who wants to redefine coffee in his community through a whole experience

  10. Papi the Artpreneur, Creative and Artist through his brands LIVES, Mwami, and his amazing paintings

  11. Papa Iceberg multi faceted talented genius of Fashion, Art Direction, founder of Model Agency AMY Management.

  12. Magne N'Diaye Model known for her Androgynous look and her rich Portfolio.

  13. Blackaneze Films by MoShady (Mohamed Diokhane Sy), Cinematographer King.

  14. Talented Entertainer Yassira Camara of Tout le Monde Deteste Yass

  15. Zeinabou, Blogger and Creative who shines light on the realities of motherhood as a black woman on her platform Mom Talks

My Black is beautiful and Africa is the source. Made in Africa, By African for Africans. Until next time....signing off.

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