• Filly Dabo

What is your Destiny?

Ever thought of your purpose in life?

Ever thought the connection between who you are and your name?

Well, I believe in manifesting through everything that I am. Energy is everything.

Photo Credit: Djibril Drame | Underground Museum | Los Angeles, California

A person's name feeds their energy personality and even their path. (okay I am reaching when I am saying destiny, you define your destiny by how you take initiative and gift you were born with).

A wise man once said that we were born champions.

Why, I asked? Because that embryo was created by that sperm that swam among millions to get to the egg and that in itself is winning.

There we just had a little science class mixed with philosophy.

Receiving that and dissecting it: that is one way to look at it. There are millions of analogies we can use to say we were born blessed. Look at life a cup half empty or full. It’s up to you...

The point of it all is to emphasize the importance of knowing that we are destined for greatness no matter what path it is or the path that needs to be created.

"I grew up, as an African child, hating my name because I did not know better."

I went on to ask my dad what my name meant, because everyone around me (in the US) was curious to know and I had no explanation. His response: he named me after his late sister.

Point Blank, Periodt!

.......and that’s what I explained but they were waiting for more. And I had nothing. Because I was still at loss.

All I can say is I knew the origins were from Mali. That was a start. With divine intervention, I met a Malian lady and introduced myself and she went on to explain that it meant a lost child.

Now wait, why would I be named a lost child? She shared that it had significance to the couple attempting to conceive and were unsuccessful due to unfortunate miscarriages.

BUT THEN........ they finally got to have a child and name it in honor of their loss. I was happy to understand this. But It still did not come full circle for me.

I wanted to feel the energy.......the spirituality in my name.

One day sitting down with a bunch of artists, we were going around explaining our names and it was my turn. I go on to share this whole meaning and boom everything came full circle. One of the artists, Patrick Henry Johnson, was like so you’re a fulfillment. That light bulb came on. I felt it, I felt the energy. Through exchange, I was healed from this mystery.

If you know who you are, you will enjoy your journey. So, don’t feel insignificant or let anyone tell you that you are. We are all powerful in our own right. Embrace it, own it and use yourself as a vessel to heal yourself and others seeking that enlightenment.

Pay it forward, because someone out there will be impacted by the simplest action like a conversation.

Bring out the champion in you. It’s there and waiting to come out.

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