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Your Secret Power. Did you know?

Sometimes we project thoughts and words without understanding the energy we are sending out to the world. Here is my experience with it and how I am embracing my power and worth. It all starts with Self-Awareness that mirrors your self-empowerment.

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Your Secret Power is....*drumrole please*

It's your #WORDS

"That's right words, say it with your chest and mean it."

'Cuz you know the Universe receives it: good or bad, and dishes back what you put out there.

Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back for attempting to achieve most of your goals even if it means getting out of bed or leaving the house.

Congratulations, You did it!

One thing I knew I wanted going into 2018 was to return back to my home country and travel the #African continent. One mistake I made was not figuring out how, but I put it out there in the universe.

They say, “words are powerful, be mindful what you think and speak”.

And I concur.

February 2018: I made it back to Senegal where I was reunited with my daughter after a year of being apart. A week later, I was in Burkina Faso for an African Series #Summit organized by #Canal+ where I got to see the screening premieres of African shows and meet so many African #producer, filmmakers.

......And I must say my trip to Ouagadougou was quite eventful towards the end. 

(Which I will later talk about related to the many wake up calls)

Secondly, know that there is #power in words, so use it with intent and positivity. Your time is valuable and if you do not treat it as such people will treat you like you treat yourself. People watch how you set the tone for them to treat you. So speak of yourself like a king and queen. You are #worthy and you amazing. As we gear up to create and set goals for ourselves, let's be mindful of our intent and fight those fears to manifest your thoughts into action. It’s the little things that matter.

I will close this up by setting my own goals.



"be specific of your requests of the Universe and say it with intent." GOALS

  1. I will continue to #blog and share my vision on all issues that touch me, reflect my community (the #Senegalese part and African American parts) and be unapologetic about it and continue to create content that will serve good for my people and spark conversation.

  2. I will allocate more time to #travel in #Africa and visit #Rwanda, #Ivory Coast, #Morocco, #Zimbabwe, #Kenya and #Madagascar through work and/or personal vacation starting this end of the year going into the new year.

  3. I will be sharing more of my many projects with you all, but first for my own fulfillment and then for your own takeaway: good, bad and indifferent.

  4. I will start my therapy sessions (Yes I have had therapy before and No it is not just for 'mentally ill' people. It's for your mental health. I recommend everyone seek therapy: its Self-Care) and seek to acquire more tools to better face the world and my Anxiety and Depression.

  5. No more taking on projects that do not serve my purpose. So be ready for me to decline if you pitch me with "you will have #visibility", or this is a low-budget project, or status privilege or no proper etiquette such as a contract.

  6. Reveal two of my many projects, beauty and on this platform that embrace African Beauty and African #creativity.

There! I put something out there to hold myself accountable and manifest through my daily life moving forward.

What are your goals you would like to set?

Start now, set your goals and be very clear.

Signing off good people!

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